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In this post, we will investigate what virtual phone numbers are, how they function, and how you can obtain your own virtual phone number and begin receiving calls within 60 seconds.

709 Area code covers The entire province of Newfoundland

Virtual phone numbers can be useful in this situation. Without a physical presence or infrastructure, virtual phone numbers enable businesses to establish a local presence wherever. Moreover, they offer flexibility in call routing to a variety of devices, such as mobile phones and laptops.

What are the advantages of using MyCountry Mobile services?

You may be thinking why you should choose a business phone number or why buy one. The benefits are incomparable but the cost is negligible.

My country mobile provides you a call recording service which is very important to record your important business conversation.
With our call waiting service you can handle multiple calls at the same time and no call will be dropped due to line engagement. So you will not meet any of your important calls.
With our call forwarding service you can forward any business call to your personal phone number. So you can maintain more than one virtual number with your single device.
With voice mailing service you can reply to your customers more easily without texting.
Our toll free numbers provide your customers to reach your business without worrying aboutany charge.

What area are covered by area code 709

The 709 area code is an excellent option if you’re seeking for a virtual phone number with a local feel. The entire Canadian province of Newfoundland is covered by this area code, and its residents are renowned for their friendliness, ingenuity, and pride in their own tongue. The festive celebrations of Newfoundlanders, which are a reflection of their rich history and customs, include Old Christmas Day, Orangemen’s Day, Candlemas Day, Midsummer’s Day, Pancake Night, All Souls’ Day, and Christmas Day.

What are the major cities located in area code 709?

The entire province of Newfoundland in Canada, including significant cities like St. John’s, Corner Brook, Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, and Mount Pearl, is serviced by the 709 area code. These cities’ inhabitants are renowned for their originality, kindness, and sense of belonging.

Why virtual phone numbers are becoming more important for global business

With a smartphone, virtual phone numbers can be used anywhere, making it simple to stay in touch with your clients, customers, and coworkers from any location. You may get your virtual phone number at and begin taking calls in less than 60 seconds. Also, our professional assistance is accessible around-the-clock to help you with any problems you could run into.

We can help your business with our services by the following process

You will get a virtual number with a local area code for your customer So your customer will think that your business is a local business and they will trust your business more.
You can make international calls with Basil phone numbers and your calling rate will be the local call rate so you can save so much money every month.
You will get 24 hour customer service from our talented engineers.
You can manage your business communication easily with our voice mailing call forwarding call waiting call recording services.
If you need a virtual phone number how can you get it?

It has never been simpler to obtain a virtual phone number. Simply order your number from and sign into our portal to get started. With just a smartphone and an internet connection, you may use our services from anywhere in the globe after having your number activated in less than a minute.

How virtual calling works with the internet cloud

Traditional landlines are being replaced by virtual phone numbers, which provide more features than just the capacity to make calls. You can relay calls to your clients’ phones and send text messages with virtual phone numbers. It is a totally cloud-based calling system, and you can take advantage of a number of other services that we’ll go through below for just $4.99 per month with no additional fees. Business owners that want to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and streamline their communication systems should choose this choice.

So let's look at some business Industries under the area code 709

Area code 709 covers Newfoundland. Newfoundland has a research-based economy. Their main industries are:
Pulp and paper

Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

24/7 Support

Play Video

Who should choose these phone numbers?

Choose us if you already have a business and need to call the customers and suppliers all the time.
If you are selling products or services online.
If you are targeting another area to sell products from an already existed business
If you are trying to expand your business to other areas,
If you are trying to offshore your business in other countries,
If you need a virtual phone number how can you get it?

The process of getting a virtual phone number is simple. To access our platform, simply acquire a virtual phone number from As long as you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you can use our services from anywhere in the globe after your virtual phone number is activated.